Our passion is to create unique and welcoming spaces. We are a decoration store that specializes in vintage pieces, design icons, pieces of art and traditional crafts.

Our aesthetic is characterized by simple sophistication . We like to combine the effortless beauty of antique pieces that have aged over time , or handcrafted objects that bear the visible signs of the creator's hands, with the elegance of modern design.

We love warm colours, natural fibres, wood and earth elements because they connect us with nature, and we admire the beauty of the creations of great designers who bring that point of originality and personality to a home with soul.

We are inspired by eclecticism, where different styles intertwine creating a unique harmony. We value the imperfection of Wabi-sabi, finding beauty in the incomplete and in the marks of time and the simple elegance of the Nordic style. We are captivated by the warmth and serenity of the Mediterranean style, as well as the forcefulness and authenticity of brutalism.

We believe that the key to getting a house with personality is knowing how to mix , that's why we want to help you find that combination of pieces that coexist in harmony.

We strive to capture the essence of the authentic and the timeless.

We collaborate with local and worldwide artists and artisans to offer you unique pieces chosen with love and we travel through different countries collecting vintage pieces for you that tell their own story.


At Matuta Home we also offer a complete interior design and decoration service.

We are here to help you create the home of your dreams. From the initial planning to the selection of furniture and accessories, we take care of every detail to transform your space into something extraordinary.


We invite you to explore our store and discover unique pieces that will inspire you. At Matuta Home, we believe that your home is your sanctuary and we are here to help you make it a place where you find peace, harmony and authenticity.

Find out how we can make your home truly special!